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If, By Screenplay Writer, You Mean CREEP (in a cab)

If you are my cab driver, and you hear me talking on the telephone, and I mention my website, it is because I am talking to a boy who is in the process of fixing it for me, NOT because I'm inviting you to Google it, visit it, and then send me an e-mail inviting me to go see the Miami Vice movie with you.

And, if one week passes, and I have not responded to you, you are not supposed to send me a second e-mail that says,"Hi jen what's up? It's richie the screenplay writer.jen e-mail me back when you get a chance. 1 sent you an e-mail last saturday. Thank you." (sic)

You are not a screenplay writer. And you are not my friend. And although I've never met an old dude who has such good Googling skills, I think you should leave me alone.

The third, fourth, and fifth e-mails -- even I'm not bitchy enough to reprint them here. Today.
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