A blog that was supposed be made up of bits about cab rides and blurbs about beauty products but, instead, is about other things.


Pretty as a picture

I just got an e-mail announcing the lineup for the Whitney Biennial.

I'm so sleepy.
And the list made me even sleepier.

Two people with my last name made it.
No relation.

We shall discuss their work later.
And the list later.
And those we thought should have been on the list later.

But now, sleep.
I hope my dream looks like Pierre Huyghe's piece...


Kiss of death

I am allergic to cats.
So don't kiss your cat and then kiss me.

Also, pets are gross.
So, if you kiss your cat, I probably don't want to kiss you anyway.



There are still cabs in the city.

But there isn't any snow.



There are no cabs in the country.


Off topic

Why I have a crush on you:
-you play Clap Your Hands Say Yeah when you have your coworkers over to your house
-you are adapting "Brief Interviews With Hideous Men" for the big screen
-you look like the slightly busted younger brother version of a friend of mine

Yes, I understand that you aren't real.

But you play out as more fascinating than most people I've ridden in cabs with lately.


This Year's Rent

Just back from a screening of Rent.

Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying About Gentrifying my Neighborhood When I Realized That Those Damn Kids Were Crack Addicts and They Dressed Funny.

I'd take far fewer cabs if that subway stop at the Northeast corner of Tompkins Square Park actually existed.

Also, guys, it seems silly to take the F train from Second Avenue to Second Avenue.
Although, if there was that much dancing on my train I'd probably get off where I got on too.



Here, a link to a link to a link about taxis.

Yes, we hate her. But she has pretty hair.

I'm off to get my hair cut.
But my head already hurts.

I used to be a haircutter-slut.
Keith, however, changed my ways.

He cuts each curl individually and he told another customer that I am the funniest person he knows.

Yeah, I'm that easy.


Rewrite, an homage

(Or, TEN WORDS: O.M.G! Ed P! Your new blog, brilliant! Brilliant!)

The ability to vomit up your day and start over.



The ability, upon riding home, to vomit up your day and start over.


Train wreck

Of late, my favorite part of any television show is, without a doubt, "scenes from the next...."

I just got around to reading the most recent installment of the best almost-weekly dramedy; I call it "The George and Hilly Show."

Read it before tomorrow's episode.

Obligatory taxi reference toward the end!
(Although not the one about the cab we shared. Sigh.)


Going back

What would one call a reverse-chronology blog?

I'll fill in the blanks at a later date.


Illuminate the no's on their vacancy signs

IG and AS took me to see a singer whose initials are DD.

His crooning was as divine as crooning should be.

We all fell in love with his cover of "I Will Follow You Into The Dark," by the Mssrs. Death Cab for Cutie.

I wish I knew how to share an MP3 of either version.

This link, for now, should do.



Twice this weekend I found myself sharing a cab home post dawn the next day.
There has to be a better word for this.

There is not much more comfortable than the slightly uncomfortable silence of the early morning after a night well-spent.

There is not much better than when you realize that you were having so much fun yesterday. And today.

There is nothing shameful about being beaten home by The New York Times.


On the 6

I have fairly poor hand-eye coordination.
So it surprised me when I saved a baby this afternoon on the subway.

We lurched to a stop; she rolled right into my hands.

And her free-flying stroller continued on, down the length of the car.

This would never happen in a cab.

Cab riders tell her she's pretty

She said something about starting a blog...
But I'm not the best at keeping in touch.
So I was delighted to see this today.

Even though her blog isn't called "Cab Riders Tell Me I'm Pretty," you should visit Melissa Plaut at New York Hack.
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