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Things, Some


Dance Dance Revolution

I'm back sooner than I thought, but only because you should probably watch this. Another Dance Blog entry. I'm not sure why I like some of these so much. I don't even like dancing. But I'd love to see what it was like to the passersby who saw them happening without hearing the soundtrack. Those walk-throughs and reactions are the best parts.


I Like This More Than Lip-Dubbing

I still sort of love this video — "Put You in Your Place" — from Davey Dance Blog.

I loved it a few weeks ago, and meant to post it then, but just found it now, sitting in my drafts folder, while I contemplated what the heck to post. It is great. I think you should watch it. Maybe watch it a few times. It might be a while again before I'm back.


Doctor's Bag

At first glance, I cannot decide whether this (Dr. Jay Parkinson: I Am A New Kind Of Physician) is brilliant or not. I think it might be brilliant, in that the idea is simple, almost altruistic, and incredibly well-designed. But I've no clue if he's a good doctor. Or maybe this is an art project. I'd like to believe in it, as a reasonable alternative model, though. I think.

(via Personism)



fundraising = friendraising

(They really said that. Out loud. And on Powerpoint slide.)



I'm at work, alas, but I think that you really should run or get a ride to the Brooklyn Book Festival to see Ed Park and others talk about how "Everyone's a (Former) Critic." Today, at 5:00 p.m., at Brooklyn Borough Hall Plaza.


New Year's Resolutions?

Maybe this time.


Hey, New York, You're Still Beautiful

It's sort of true. Depending on my mood.


A Lot Of Art Isn't Boring

Two recently-launched "it's easy to buy art" projects; both are really great. Go buy something:
  • 20x200: "large editions + low prices x the internet = art for everyone"
  • The Thing (Quarterly): "THE THING is an object based quarterly publication. Each issue of THE THING is conceived of by an individual artist, wrapped by the editors ( Jonn Hershend and Will Rogan ) and sent to the subscribers."


Fashion Weak

I might break my fashion week ban for Saturday's Threeasfour show.

If I had more time/energy, I'd make room for others: I always like to support Jeremy Laing's show and Michelle at Cynthia Rowley, I rationalize Heatherette because it defines the over-the-topness of the tents, and I actually enjoy something reliable like Marc Jacobs, which is just really nice to shoot.

But I'm growing up. I'm no longer excited by the mess of fashion-related photos that remains on the now-in-progress/transition jensnow.com, so I think it's best not to add too many more to what needs to be sorted out.

Also, remember the last time I said I was giving up on shooting shows, and I was convinced to go see Marc Jacobs, and a young tween vomited on my shoe as I got out of a cab outside of the show? It was a sign. It still sort of is.



I'm not sure I agree with the reasoning behind the taxi strike.
(Although Melissa's Op-Ed did more to convince me than the dumb driver who raged recently about my "loss of privacy as an American consumer.")

Related: I'm not actually on strike; I will return to this, I think.

(Right now I'm fixing jensnow.com, which has been left untouched for far too long. Lots of new photos, lots of deletion, etc. It should be done in a few days.)


Things I Don't Understand And Definitely Am Not Going To Talk About

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  • How this is going to work.
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