A blog that was supposed be made up of bits about cab rides and blurbs about beauty products but, instead, is about other things.


You Are Trying To Break My Heart

Apparently, “3N23” stands for "I am trying to hit that girl as she crosses Delancey."

Not “hit on.”



You Give Girls A Bad Name

"Do you like me more than dinner?" she asked.
(I should mention: they were clearly on a first date.)

His response, "Dinner as a concept, or this dinner?"

Then, and without hesitation, she started to cry.

He waited what I thought was an appropriate amount of time (two minutes), he put down some money, presumably for the check, and he left.
She sat, still, at the table, and cried.

He doubled back, and handed her a twenty-dollar bill, "For your cab home."



I've forgotten your number.
But you were sweet, hipster cab driver.
And that song by that band, that has the line about cabs --
do you play it for all the girls?


First Tear To The Table

I could win this competition. I've practiced, unintentionally, my whole life. I think the video, an outtake from an old issue of Wholphin, is sort of beautiful. (Better than the film they intended to make/the one they included on the actual disk.)


Gray Nail Polish

I made this nail polish shade in a cab. I first used it on the subway. Nina gave herself a manicure, with it, at Sunny's, a bar in Red Hook, on Saturday night. LZP took the photo. We have a new business.


This Thing = That Thing

I think I've mentioned that Indexed is one of my favorite blogs. I still can't pick a favorite of Jessica Hagy's aphoristic venn diagrams, but soon there will be a book. Well-designed, sometimes hilarious, sweet, smart, and simple.


Cheaters. Also, Champions.

826NYC's Scrabble for Cheaters: The Cheaters Cup

The Cheaters Cup is now in the possession of The Fightin' Caziques — Morgan Clendaniel and Gideon Friedman — the winners of 826NYC's Scrabble For Cheaters tournament. They hold the title and the trophy until next year.

More on all the cheaters later at www.826nyc.org.


You Can Buy Your Way Out Of Bad Letters

Time Out New York's article about Scrabble For Cheaters is out now.

Melena Ryzik give us a sweet shout out in today's New York Times Urban Eye.

The Brooklyn Papers misquoted me, pretty severely. Sigh.

Sign-ups are closed. Sponsor a team. The smackdown is soon.


Annual Manual

I love Nicholas Felton's Annual Report.
I don't even know Nicholas Felton.

I got one in the mail last year and now I'm hooked. I've had no contact with him or his work in 12 months, and yet I'm excited to find out how many unique taxi routes he traveled, to see a chart of books he read sorted by first publication date, a pie chart of dishes eaten by type (wings, fins, legs, shells), clothes purchased sorted by color, geographic dispositions of the fifty most-played artists on his ipod, etc.

I wish my life was this well-designed.


Scrabble for Cheaters

The New Yorker mentions it.
Daily Candy mentioned it.
Jason Kottke mentioned it.
And there's more to come in the next few days too.
So now I'll mention it.

Scrabble For Cheaters
: a(nother) benefit for 826NYC.

Start a team. Or pledge money to another team. Either way, you'll support cheating, winning, words, etc.



The Book of Other People: A Benefit Reading

I hope you will attend.

826NYC and Penguin Books present THE BOOK OF OTHER PEOPLE


826NYC & Penguin Books present an all-star reading from Zadie Smith’s newest book of new stories by contemporary authors

Hosted by ZADIE SMITH, and with readings by:
and very special guest

Symphony Space
Wednesday, January 16th, 8pm
2537 Broadway (at 95th Street), New York
Tickets available at symphonyspace.org
Or by calling: 212-864-5400

826NYC and Penguin Books present a benefit reading to celebrate the release of THE BOOK OF OTHER PEOPLE, a collection of brand new stories by contemporary authors edited by Zadie Smith. ZADIE SMITH will host this special event, which will feature readings by two of the book’s contributors, GEORGE SAUNDERS, and VENDELA VIDA, plus a rare reading by actress MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL. There will be a book signing and Q & A after the reading.

All proceeds from the book and reading will benefit 826NYC, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting students ages 6 to 18 with their creative and expository writing skills, and to helping teachers inspire their students to write.


Like Dylan In The Movies

Yes, I went there.
Yes, I liked it.



Every time I sneezed, he passed back a tissue. Even after I answered that it wasn't necessary, that not every sneeze demands a new tissue, or even any tissue, that it was allergies, no, not to the car's leather seats, that I wasn't crying, that I wasn't contagious, that colds aren't caused by the cold weather, that I didn't wish to be dropped at an all-night pharmacy, that perhaps he should close the divider, that he wasn't my mother and so on.



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