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No Return Fare

I've moved to

I hope you will move there too.



This move is moving slowly. So I think I'll still post here. But start thinking about reading this at, because that will have to happen soon.

My "mover" is a genius. I forgot to ask him if I can tell you who he is, but I will do that soon-ish too. You should hire him. He solves tech problems like there's no tomorrow.



Guess what is happening?
A small move, for me. It's not complete yet, but it will be done soon.

Design advice is welcome.

I like tumblr so much. I might like my tumblr pages better than this one. So we'll see what happens.



DATE APR-10-06
So old.

So early.



You slept in your car on my corner?


Not Pretty

I've no new taxi story but I did spend $628.29 at the pharmacy today. And not on makeup. On four prescriptions. Apparently my insurance deductible resets every year. And not on the calendar year. This is a note so that I am not so stupidly shocked when it happens again.

P.S. I met the deductible, so one of the prescriptions was actually at its normal low co-pay price! And it still added up like that.

P.P.S. Note: no one wants to read this, I know. But with a shock like this, I couldn't afford a taxi anywhere, obviously.


For Sale

I'm so glad you love the gray nail polish. It will be for sale soon. Photos and details to follow. Write to me at cabdriverstellme(at)gmail(dot)com to reserve your bottle.




A strip of five receipts is not a present. So, no thank you.


"Newspaper boxes" Or, "who made this art and why is it still so clean?"

"Newspaper boxes" Or, "who made this art and why is it still so clean?"

On Grand Street near Ludlow. I wonder if they're new, because they are still pristine. When I worked at the Voice I was always amazed that we had to pay fines if our boxes were defaced. I guess it makes sense, since the Voice owned them, but still, it seemed crazy, because all newspaper boxes are so often destroyed by graffiti and garbage.



You don't have license to wish me "sweet dreams" as I slam the taxi door.


On The Anxiety Of Writing About Photography

I've been asked to write for Jen Bekman's Hey, Hot Shot! blog. So I'll be writing about photography again soon!


On The Anxiety Of Photography

"Photography can be a neurotic’s worst nightmare. At least if the neurotic thinks about it, and the neurotic does. He thinks too much. The photographer/neurotic gets caught between his desire and his intellect, and therein lies the nightmare. It’s not that desire and the intellect don’t go together, they do."

— From Too Drunk to Fuck (On the Anxiety of Photography), by Mark Wyse


MySpace Can't Possibly Own Credit/Copyright To Your Profile Photos, Can They?

It's bad enough that the Times relied on MySpace as the main source for their latest scoop on the Spitzer scandal, but to give MySpace a photo credit for each shot taken from the prostitute's page?!

MySpace does not own the photos uploaded to it. Though this doesn't seem like a mistake the NYT wouldn't make. Now I'm curious. I'm going to look into this.




"This is my first day," he said with a bravado that barely masked his fear.

"I mean, you're not my first. I go to college. I've been driving for, like, a long time. All day."

"How many fares have you had?" I asked.

"A lot," he said. "Uh, three."

"It's still early," I said.

"Okay, fine, fine, I've only had one. I mean none. No others. You're the one. The only one. You're my first."

He then told me that he loves live music and asked if he could put on some songs for me. I was listening to my ipod, but I nodded.

He played a song that repeated something about "baby, don't you rush, girl, we got the whole night" and a 50 Cent tune that seems to be titled A Little Bit.



The Office

My first post on Personal Days (the blog of the book by Ed Park) is up. It's about David W. Dunlap's The Office as Architectural Touchstone from Sunday's New York Times.

The Bell Labs campus is near my parents' house. I've always wanted to visit. I don't think you're allowed in.



I haven't switched this blog to Tumblr yet, although as soon as I find someone who knows how to do it, I will. (If you know how or want to do it for me, e-mail, please.) For now, just pretend that I've reblogged this awesome photo below. I love it.

The slow demise of the DUMBO snowman colony


Black Cab Sessions

The Black Cab Sessions (here, Spoon and Saint Vincent). I love these and their motto: "One song, one take, one cab." It might be my second-favorite foreign indie rock video series, after The Take Away Shows.

It's time I started my trope, interviews conducted during cab rides. Soon...


Our Blog Could Be Your Life

How is it possible that every article about Quarterlife isn't titled "Our Blog Could Be Your Life?"

A Nexis search reveals that it hasn't been used even once.


Links, Some

  • Something about how I would definitely fall down these stairs.
  • Something about In the Aeroplane Over the Sea, the anniversary. And Anne Frank.
  • Something about The Echo Park Time Travel Mart.
  • Something about liking New Jersey Turnpike tolls.
  • Something about I recently discovered and now sort of love this blog.


HP73? 73HZ?

I'm loathe to leave his number, even as I indict him here.
(Also, I didn't take a receipt, so my recall of the number is sketchy.)

Maybe if he wasn't driving around New York with a trunk full of porn, I wouldn't have reason to write about him.

His car was clean.
He helped me with my suitcase.
He ignored my histrionic cell-phone call.

But he kept them in a big, clear trash bag.



Things, Some

  • Something about festival dailies.
  • Something about frozen dumplings.
  • Something about that stranger, leaning against the doors for the entire ride, writing alternating lines in blue pen and in black pen in a tiny notebook, and never messing up, and balancing.
  • Something about Botox and sweating.
  • Something about where they keep the carts at night and when it's cold.
  • Something about this being the block where I lost you.
  • Something about the bakery staying open for one more holiday's haul.


Things I Don't Understand And Definitely Am Not Going To Talk About

  • Things I don't understand and definitely am going to talk about.
  • Everything.
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