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Me and You and Everyone We Know

(Not mumblecore.)


Hack Like Me

Melissa Plaut's Hack came out yesterday.
I'm excited for her and for you to read it. It's very good.



I hope you saw Feist and friends clapping on tv last night.
It confirmed what I thought as soon as they started arriving for sound checks on Sunday: such talent and beauty and generousity of time and spirit. It was great to see so many of them together again.

Today we love video: the New York Times at Revenge of the Book Eaters.


I'm Still Not Here

See previous post.

But first, turn to page E26 of today's New York Times.
That's my photo.
The article is online but the photograph isn't.

Holding the real paper is more fun anyway. You can hang it on your wall.


I'm Not Here

Because of Revenge of the Book Eaters, I'm not here.

But I do have a moment for:
I'm Not There — the trailer.
Although I might be more excited for the soundtrack.



Did I tell you about the time the cab ride ended with two police cars and an escort to watch me walk home? No, I didn't, because I'm too busy talking about it and I really should try to sleep. The tale, tomorrow.


I Admit I Miss

I admit I miss knowing that you'd always be there to stop me when I try to cross the street but should really stay on the sidewalk for a few seconds more.


How To Fall Down

I do this at least once a week. If you've ever walked anywhere with me, you know that I tend slip, wander into things, bump into people, trip and/or fall frequently. But I don't act like half as much of a dolt as this writer. (NYMag)


Man Eater

One fantastic article about "man" food by Andy Selsberg in The Oxford American: "Are You Macho-Man Enough For Manfood?"

One totally trite article about "man" food in today's New York Times: "Be Yourselves, Girls, Order the Rib-Eye."

(Only Andy's piece was noted on Papercuts, the NYT blog. For good reason.)


Mobile Office*

Milton Glaser submitted an idea to the city, but while riding in a cab the next day, thought to use I (heart) N.Y. instead. (NY1)

Bonus: Chip Kidd interviews Glaser in an early issue of The Believer.

*At first this was titled, "He Put His Thinking Cab On." I thought better of it and took it down. Under threat, I admit it here.


Things I Don't Understand And Definitely Am Not Going To Talk About

  • This was going to be a list, but there might be too many things.



DATE: 01/09/2004
END TIME 02:28
TRIP # 2426

You don't want to know where I found it. But I think that it's mine.

I didn't miss this.

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