A blog that was supposed be made up of bits about cab rides and blurbs about beauty products but, instead, is about other things.


Black Cab Sessions

The Black Cab Sessions (here, Spoon and Saint Vincent). I love these and their motto: "One song, one take, one cab." It might be my second-favorite foreign indie rock video series, after The Take Away Shows.

It's time I started my trope, interviews conducted during cab rides. Soon...


Our Blog Could Be Your Life

How is it possible that every article about Quarterlife isn't titled "Our Blog Could Be Your Life?"

A Nexis search reveals that it hasn't been used even once.


Links, Some

  • Something about how I would definitely fall down these stairs.
  • Something about In the Aeroplane Over the Sea, the anniversary. And Anne Frank.
  • Something about The Echo Park Time Travel Mart.
  • Something about liking New Jersey Turnpike tolls.
  • Something about I recently discovered and now sort of love this blog.


HP73? 73HZ?

I'm loathe to leave his number, even as I indict him here.
(Also, I didn't take a receipt, so my recall of the number is sketchy.)

Maybe if he wasn't driving around New York with a trunk full of porn, I wouldn't have reason to write about him.

His car was clean.
He helped me with my suitcase.
He ignored my histrionic cell-phone call.

But he kept them in a big, clear trash bag.



Things, Some

  • Something about festival dailies.
  • Something about frozen dumplings.
  • Something about that stranger, leaning against the doors for the entire ride, writing alternating lines in blue pen and in black pen in a tiny notebook, and never messing up, and balancing.
  • Something about Botox and sweating.
  • Something about where they keep the carts at night and when it's cold.
  • Something about this being the block where I lost you.
  • Something about the bakery staying open for one more holiday's haul.


Things I Don't Understand And Definitely Am Not Going To Talk About

  • Things I don't understand and definitely am going to talk about.
  • Everything.


Away Message

My away message had a link to this blog.
This is what I found when I returned to the computer:

bonniesnow: Jennifer, are you dating a cab driver?!

I don't understand.

Why don't you tell me about these things?!

It's okay if you're dating a cab driver.

bonniesnow: We should talk.

It's not okay if you're dating a cab driver. It's WEIRD!!!

Just because a boy tells you that you're pretty doesn't mean that you have to go out with him.

I tell you that you're pretty.

I think you should call me.


Girls Are Funnier Than Boys

Nina is right.
Also funny: Monday night road trips, as a ritual.


Backseat Shooter: 2C68


There was a kite and a beach and a family and a fight and there was a cab, and it was out of place, and it made them laugh. A little.


Reading In Cabs With...

"We can never make proper goodbyes. It was your last ride in a Checker cab, and you had no warning. It was the last time you were going to have Lake Tung Ting shrimp in that entirely suspect Chinese restaurant, and you had no idea. If you had known, perhaps you would have stepped behind the counter and shaken everyone's hand, pulled out the disposable camera and issued posing instructions. But you had no idea."

Colson Whitehead, The Colossus of New York,also, New York Times Magazine.

(I'm not sure I know how to write about this essay without being corny. It's super-sentimental, and perhaps overwrought, and I hadn't read it in years — although I'd read it about a million times since I first saw it in the NYT Magazine — when I saw the book, Colussus of New York, in a store recently, and turned right to it, and it definitely made me cry. And so, because it made me cry in the middle of Bookcourt, and because it's still one of my favorite pieces of writing about New York, and because it meets the key criteria of "Reading In Cabs With," i.e. it mentions a taxi, that's why it's here.)


What's So Funny About Brooklyn?

Ed Park will be at the Brooklyn Public Library tonight. He will read from the forthcoming/awesome Personal Days.
Ed Park is what's so funny about Brooklyn. Even though he does not live here. Perhaps this will be discussed at the event.


Gray Nail Polish Is Not Gross.

More info here and here.


To The Library, And Step On It!

Any excuse to use the phrase.
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