A blog that was supposed be made up of bits about cab rides and blurbs about beauty products but, instead, is about other things.


Put Your Thing Down, Flip It and Reverse It

Those guys that walk up to the windows of cabs stopped at traffic lights (to beg for money) -- it's sort of like they work at a twisted kind of drive-through.

But they don't.



I took a cab to work today. Because tonight:

(I'm still a dolt at this. Click on the image, and all will be clear.)

*Coworker Michael Weiss describes it all with flair at Snarksmith.


Other People

Sometimes people are funny.
And sometimes people ride in cabs.

Noted: Chelsea Peretti, Andrea Rosen, and Michael Showalter. In a cab.

You should laugh at them.
Also, you should laugh at them on Wednesday.
At the launch of the Jewcy reading series.

More details tomorrow.


Oh, See Dee?

I guess I should be flattered that you'd think I could do that compulsively.



Upon meeting a boy, it is not romantic to think, "I'd like to break up with him."


I Am A Cinematographer

You know that I've a thing for New York Noise.

That's where I discovered, amongst other things, The Cloud Room's "Hey, Now Now," which tends to find its way onto my getting to work in the morning playlist almost every day.

Today (on Gothamist) Jen Carlson linked to the video for the song (and to the videos for other New Yorkish songs). You should watch it.

The show, incidentally, makes me want to make music videos.

Who wants to help?



This morning I got off the subway at 59th Street.
Had I missed my stop, I wouldn't have been able to get off again until 125th Street.

The train and my attention span (or lack of paying-attention skills) won't always work so well together.
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