A blog that was supposed be made up of bits about cab rides and blurbs about beauty products but, instead, is about other things.



"This is my first day," he said with a bravado that barely masked his fear.

"I mean, you're not my first. I go to college. I've been driving for, like, a long time. All day."

"How many fares have you had?" I asked.

"A lot," he said. "Uh, three."

"It's still early," I said.

"Okay, fine, fine, I've only had one. I mean none. No others. You're the one. The only one. You're my first."

He then told me that he loves live music and asked if he could put on some songs for me. I was listening to my ipod, but I nodded.

He played a song that repeated something about "baby, don't you rush, girl, we got the whole night" and a 50 Cent tune that seems to be titled A Little Bit.

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