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Playing Tag

I haven’t figured out how to summarize my ride in 7Y89: The Taxi That Saved Me From Suffocation, so maybe I should be glad that I was tagged with this Five Things You Don’t Know About Me thing. Therefore, I admit:

1. Once, while I was making out with a boy, my Blackberry beeped a few times. “You want to get that, don’t you?” he asked. And I said “no.” But sometimes “no” means “yes.”

2. I used to take my intern to the tanning salon during the work day. I think I taught her a lot about how to work for an ailing alternative newspaper.

3. I don’t like weddings, and I don’t feel bad that I sometimes have a hard time hiding it. Even (and especially) when I am your bridesmaid.

4. I take hundreds of photos at a time but I have pretty much no organizational system for dealing with them all. And I do not know how to use Photoshop. And I do not know how to use any of the non-manual fancy functions on my cameras. (This may be why I haven’t updated my real website in over a year.) (Also, this may be me asking for help.)

5. I'm really bad at sleeping. Even with the pretty little pills, three hours, tops.

You’re it: Ed, Izzy, Emily, Ten Words, Doug.

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