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To Do: Tonic, Tonight

I'd be a poor publicist if I didn't tell you where you will be tonight:

How wonderful that you'll be joining me at Tonic to see MY BRIGHTEST DIAMOND (in the form of super-sassy Shara Worden + string quartet, performing compositions of their own, and some by Ravel and Weill), GABRIEL KAHANE (because you love Craigslistlieder and the rest of his wistful and witty young canon), and openers JEREMY DENK and SOOVIN KIM (playing the greatest hits of Charles Ives, a.k.a. "three violin sonatas from the thorniest of insurance salesmen").

Tickets at the door. Interviews and autographs by request.

(E-mail me at jen(at)jensnow(dot)com for more info.)
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