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Local Bank Doesn't Pay Bills

NEW YORK -- Area woman visits East Village branch of Bank of America to find out why she hasn't received replacement ATM card she requested on November 12. Help at East Village Bank of America is poor, as usual. Despite the fact that this is the second time that said woman has visited this banch to check on status of card, they appear to have no answers. She tells them that "this is unacceptable," and asks to speak to a manager. The manager, who had assured her (on November 22) that the card was "in the mail," told her that there was little he could do. She asked him to call someone that could help.

She sat across from him as he called various national affiliates. She waited quite some time. She waited long enough to notice a very interesting Post-It stuck to his computer screen. It read:

She returned to her office and called the number. After a few minutes of Muzak-filled holding, she was told that the East Village branch of Bank of America is "ten months past due" on their bills. They owe, in total, $1,XXX.80.

She's not so sure that she wants to do business anymore with a bank that doesn't pay its bills.
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