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No, my mom is a bus driver.

In nursery school I told my teacher that my mom drove a school bus.*

Said teacher to mom: "Wow, Bonnie, it's amazing that you manage to work full time and to drive JenSnow to school each morning and to pick her up each afternoon and to take care of a baby and to help out with class projects and..."
Said mom: Work full time?
Said teacher: Well, driving the bus takes a lot out of your day, no?

Obviously, this would portend the endless amounts of chauffeuring Mom was to do over the next 12 years.

And we never even had a minivan.

I didn't learn: two years later, when testing to get into kindergarten, I chose to forget the fact that I'd learned that my dad was a "financial analyst," and instead to peg his profession as, "He barbecues." when asked.

*Bus/cab, bear with me. Both are yellow.
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