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You are worth it

A friend, BS, often chides my riding ways.

He should probably pen a book -- a guide to finances for females of a certain age.
(He turned his ladyfriend's net-worth around, she says. And she, in turn, organized his desk.)

He comes down hard on the habits of highly ineffective splurging -- he proscribes some things that I care nothing about and never bother with (venti lattes, atm fees) and some that I find it harder to do without (taxis, toe nail polish, temperature control).

On the wallet-taxing taxi beat we happily found this, written by colleague LY, in this Sunday's T magazine:

"Some shopping rationalizations have a built-in element of self-flagellation. Kym Canter, the creative director of J. Mendel, is forcing herself to take the subway instead of taxis until she has made up the cost of a diamond brooch that she was sure she'd wear every single day. As of this writing, she has worn it only a couple of times -- it isn't quite as magical pinned to the hip of her jeans as she had hoped -- and it'll be months before she can stop riding the rails."

It's nice to see that the taxi trick is universal, although it is easy to excuse said rides when the taxing puchase happens to be an adorable, yet uncomfortable pair of shoes, a heavy bag, etc.
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